Daca am putea vedea Romania prin ochii unui turist strain, sunt convinsa ca ne-am indragosti la prima vedere. Vorbesc de acele locuri din tara care au fost pastrate si  intretinute fara a se interveni cu nimic asupra naturii, bucatile de rai care se gasesc la finalul drumurilor cele mai putin circulate. Mi-am dorit de mult timp sa vad Poiana Narciselor din Fagaras si zilele trecute am mobilizat toata familia sa iesim intr-o mini-excursie. Am avut noroc de o vreme superba si tind sa cred ca perioada in care ne-am hotarat sa mergem a fost perfect aleasa, toate narcisele erau inflorite. Rezervaţia Naturală Dumbrava Vadului, cunoscută mai ales sub denumirea de Poiana Narciselor este cea mai mare din Europa şi este arie protejată. Se întinde pe nu mai puţin de 400 de hectare şi doar aici puteţi vedea, începând cu luna mai, milioane de narcise înflorite. E un paradis natural, o oaza de relaxare plina cu flori, verdeata si multa liniste, care ar trebui sa fie pe lista de locuri de vazut intr-o viata a tuturor.

If we could see Romania thru the eyes of a tourist from another country, I bet we would fall in love at first sight. I’m talking about those places which have been preserved and taken care of without changing anything, those pieces of heaven found at the end of some forgotten roads. I wished to see Poiana Narciselor from Fagaras for a long time, so I called up my family to go on a road trip. We were lucky to have such nice weather, and I tend to believe the time period we chose was perfect, all the wild daffodils were blossomed. This nature reserve covers about 400 hectares and is the largest nature reserve for wild daffodils in Europe, best known by everyone as the Daffodil Glade, and only here you can see starting from May, millions of daffodils blossomed. It’s a natural paradise, a relaxation oasis, full of flowers, grass and a lot of tranquility, a place that should definitely be on your list of places to see in a lifetime.








La intoarcere am facut un popas la Pastravaria Albota, unde am luat masa. E prima data cand ajung aici dar sunt convinsa ca nu va fi si ultima. Am fost cu adevarat impresionata atat de peisajul de vis care te incarca cu energie, cat si de restaurant si bineinteles mancare. Pastravaria Albota se mandreste cu faptul ca peste 80% din produsele consumate provin din fermele proprii (oi, capre, bivoli, vite angus, porci – inclusiv mangalita, gaini, bibilici, iepuri si bineinteles pastrav), procesate in ateliere proprii de branzeturi, mezeluri, brutarie, afumatorie; oferind astfel produse de buna calitate, naturale si sanatoase, si asta chiar face diferenta. Poti chiar sa iti pescuiesti singur „masa”  din rau sau din lacul special amenajat.

On our way back, we stopped at Pastravaria Albota, were we ate lunch. It’s the first time when I come here but it won’t be the last time for sure. I was truly impressed by the gorgeous scenery that just fills you up with energy but also with the restaurant and of course, the food. Pastravaria Albota is proud with the fact that more than 80% from the products they sell they also produce in their own farms (they grow sheep, goats, buffalo, cows, pigs- including  mangalitza swine, hens, guinea fowls, rabbits and of course trouts.) They are all processed in their own workshops offering only high quality products , natural and healthy, and this really counts. You can also fish your own „meal”, from the river or from the lake that was especially made.









„Wherever you go, go with all your heart”

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