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It’s been three years since I met these people and I became part of the team for Feeric Fashion Week, and every time it ends, I can’t wait for the next one. I can honestly say it grew bigger and it became better right under our eyes; every year new people are joining the team, new designers decide to take part in this huge project and travel from across the world for it, known photographers and well prepared models , stylists, bloggers, they all reunite to create this amazing fashion week.

This year it started in my hometown, Alba Iulia, with the most emotional show, Atipic Beauty, where girls with disabilities were modeling next to bloggers and guests from other countries to raise awareness about the infrastructure of the cities, in order for them to be able to use their wheelchair in every place. It’s incredible how much strength these girls have, and how many things we should learn from them.

Photo credit : Cornel Petrus
Photo credit : Andrei Piloiu


Because of the weather, the other shows were inside de Glass Museum, we’ve seen Caresta Bags, Maria Nastaca and Irina Zgaia.

Photo credit : Cornel Petrus
Photo credit : Cornel Petrus


Photo credit : Cornel Petrus


Photo credit : Cornel Petrus


Photo credit : Cornel Petrus
Photo credit : Cornel Petrus

Another amazing show was on the rooftop of the city hall, where Criccs showed us an all black collection, The Beautiful People.


Sunday night, at the gala, we’ve seen Ioana Calin’s bridal collection, A for A, Spencer, Adriana Timofti, Pimpi Smith and Ocantos. Because there are so many collections, I’ll make another article with my favorite 3 pieces from each collection from both, Alba Iulia and Sibiu.

On Monday, we had dinner at Jidvei Castle and after that we drove to Sibiu, to get ready for a full and crazy week. I shared my room at Parc Hotel with Ioana, we always have so much fun together. Every day we had a bunch of Mercedes ready to drive us to the shows, provided by Autoschunn, it just made everything easier and we all felt like divas of course, the locations were absolutely incredible, from Bruckenthal Castle to Boromir Factory and the Mud Castle in Porumbacu, a church or a small street in the center of Sibiu.

My job this year was to take interviews from the designers and guests, and I loved finding out so many things about their collections, what inspired them and also about their personality. It wasn’t easy, we had to run to catch them right after the show, and obviously they were still busy , but we pulled it thru, and at the end, I made so many friends between them, and learnt so much from each one of them and like you can see, we also laughed so much!



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During this week, I wore the outfits custom made, from two designers from my hometown, ROUAD by Diana Ilea and NUD by Mihaela Vitalaru .








Photo credit : The Storyalist

There are so many more things about this feeric week, the jokes, the friendships, the hard work from the backstage and the sweat behind the cameras, the few hours of sleep, but most important the joy of the final result..priceless.

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